Friday, November 16, 2012

Lauren Conrad books

Have any of you guys read Lauren Conrad's books? I really liked them, I read all the L.A. Candy books and the books in the Starstruck series. I also read her Style book and now I only need to read her beauty book. They are a really good combination of drama, fashion and easy evening reads. If you havn't read any of them yet you should give them a try! I had never seen The Hills when I started reading them and it was so fun to see The Hills after, because you knew how things was behind the cameras.


  1. I love the hills, and laguna beach!
    The books are good too!

    >> <<

  2. I've only read her Style book, but I may have to check the others out too! :)

    1. You should definitely check them out. Like your blog personal and funny :)