Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to clean your makeup brushes

It’s important to clean your brushes. You should probably do it once a week but I only do once a month. Your brushes have a lot of bacteria on them from your skin and it can lead to bad skin!

When you clean your brushes make sure to keep the bristles facing down and don’t get water over the silver line cause you don’t want water down to the glue and destroy your brushes. When they dry you should always remember that they have to lay down flat so the water don’t run down to the glue. The best way to dry your brushes is to have air on all sides of the bristles so it won’t get a bad smell from lying in water.

Wash the bristles in some kind of soap but be careful with shampoo because it often has so kind of hair protection that can make your bristles less soft.
If you have some brushes with lipstick, gel liner or cream blush on them, you can clean them with some oil on a napkin and then clean them with soap afterwards.


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  2. Haha i love it tanja. u know what, i also clean my brush once a month!! but i clean it with antibacterial soap + oil and it works well. :) nice blog.

    1. Maybe i should try with the antibacterial soap :)